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We offer a complete in-house machine shop service.
we have highly skilled mechanics that are very particular and precise about their work.

We offer many services that are not listed. If you need machine shop service that is
not listed, please call or e-mail for more information. We will be happy to provide
estimates whenever possible.

We also offer U.P.S. shipping for any parts or repairs.

Complete Repairs for All Motorcycles


Big bore motors Cylinder head repair Generator service Tire service
Bottom end overhaul Cylinder boring Head boring Transmission repair
Carb jetting Dynamometer service Head-resurfacing Tune-ups
Clutch service Exhaust stud repair Heli-coil repair Valve guide hole repair
Case boring Engine rebuilding Line boring Valve jobs
Case repair, trans Fork alignment Restorations Valve seat replacement
Case repair, engine Fork tube straightening Spark plug hole repair Welding
Custom building Fork rebuilding. Stroker motor building Wiring
Cylinder re-sleeving Foot clutch/Handshift conv. Swing arm modifications wheel alignment
Cylinder honing Glass beading & Painting Tank modifications Wheel lacing/truing





One of the most popular modifications you can get for your bike right now is a Big Bore conversion. We perform this modification all the time and would be more than happy to do it for you. We can either convert your motor to Big Bore specs or sell you a complete new ready-to-go Big Bore motor of your choice.

On most Harley's, converting to Big Bore means splitting the cases to bore out the crankcase to accept the new cylinders. For that reason, you may wish to increase the stroke while we have the motor apart.

There are kits available that allows us to increase the 650cc Triumph to 750cc without dismantling the bottom end. These kits by themselves work very well and when you throw in a high performance cam set, the result are FANTASTIC. We can also increase the bore on 750 Triumph and 650 BSA. 750 Triumph can be increased to 777cc. This modifications works best with headwork and cams. 650 BSA's can be increased to 690cc.The BSA will also benefit from headwork and a good high performance cam.

If you are interested in any more information, please e-mail us and tell us what you are interested in. raskcycle



Carb jetting is a lot more important than what a lot of people seem to believe. I am amazed at the number of people who will ride a bike for years that fouls plugs constantly or doesn't run like it should. We can solve any jetting problem easily on our dynamometer. A poorly jetted carb can cause more damage than most people realize. A carb that is too lean can lead to holed pistons, burnt valves, etc. A carb that is too rich can wash all the oil off the cylinder walls, which leads to decreased ring life and scored pistons/cylinders. Both conditions will not only take life out of the motor, but the bike won't run right. Any change on almost any bike as far as air cleaner or exhaust pipes may necessitate a jet change.

One of the biggest increases in performance for the least amount of money available for an EVO Harley right now is a Dynojet thunderslide kit or jet kit. We have installed tons of these. When properly set up on a dynamometer, the performance increase, especially for the money, is unbelievable. We are quite experienced at tuning almost any carb on the market and should be able to make a marked improvement on your motorcycles performance no matter what make or model.

Click for more information on Carb Jetting.



The clutch is not usually given high priority for service until the bike can not be ridden. This is not the best idea as a faulty clutch can cause other problems. If your clutch is not releasing properly (the bike is hard to shift or tries to jump forward at stop signs) you run the risk of bending the shift forks in the transmission. This condition can also cause the bike to run hotter in traffic or around town. If the clutch is slipping, you run the risk of overheating the motor at road speed. This is especially true when hauling a fat girl (or any size passenger for that matter)

If you have an EVO we can install a support ring on the back of the clutch hub that may prevent it from cracking. Panheads and Shovelheads tend to wear out the pins on the clutch hub. We can replace the pins or the whole hub, whichever you prefer. If you hear a clicking noise when you let out the clutch on your Triumph or BSA you may need new clutch shock absorber rubbers. We can easily solve these or any other clutch related problems on any motorcycle.




We can handle any case repair or modification that arises. While almost anything CAN be repaired, not all cases are economically worth repairing. Unless you are dealing with a bone stock antique, rare model bike, sometimes you are further ahead to buy new replacement cases. We would be happy to examine your cases and give you our opinion as to whether they are worth repairing or not. Although we can fix just about any problem with any case, sometimes new cases make more sense We would have to see your cases to decide. We also are able to mate mismatched case halves. this is very important, especially on older Harley's. This usually includes line boring the cases and machining the cylinder base and motor mount bosses. This helps to ensure that a motor built out of mismatched case halves actually stays together. Decking the cylinder base surface is necessary, sometimes even when the case halves are matched, seeing as how the factory didn't always do a very good job of it. This should ALWAYS be done when installing big bore cylinders Please call or E-Mail to discuss this or any other case related problem you may have.




If you have stripped the threads in the head for the bolts or studs that secure your exhaust pipes, send us the head and we can repair it. Usually this can be repaired with a helicoil. In some cases, this is not possible. If the head has already been helicoiled or the hole has been elongated from someone's attempt to remove a broken tap, we may have to weld the hole back up and re-machine it. (If you have a broken bolt or stud, please read the tech tip on drilling and tapping before you attempt to remove it.)




We have a complete machine shop that is fully equipped to perform every phase of engine rebuilding in-house. there is a HUGE difference between a motor that has been professionally rebuilt correctly and one that has new parts thrown in it by someone that does not have the proper equipment or knowledge. The motor that has been line bored, set up to the proper specs, had the cylinders bored and honed while fitted to stress plates, had the cylinder base surfaces decked, had the flywheels trued properly, the rods sized correctly, the bottom end balanced, the main bearings clearances set, the valve seats replaced or cut in alignment to new guides, etc., will last A LOT longer than the motor that has had a set of cheap rods stuck into a set of out-of true, out of balance flywheels, with a set of cheap pistons installed in cylinders that are tapered from a cheap 3-stone hone being improperly used to size them, topped off with heads that have had new guides beat into them and are at an improper angle to the seats that still need re-cut. Even buying brand name parts does not by itself ensure quality.... S & S makes one of the best rod sets there is for Harley, but we end up re-sizing the rod rollers on 9 out of 10 new S & S rod sets we install. If your builder does not have the knowledge or equipment to check and reset these, your motor will be worn out that much sooner. This is just one of the many reasons that you may want to go with a professional motor builder.




If your bike has been involved in an accident and the front end seems to be slightly bent or out of alignment, we may be able to fix it for you. If the triple trees are badly bent or have any cracks at all in them, replacement is necessary. If the fork tubes are badly bent or have any kinks at all in them, they will have to be replaced also. However, light front crash damage can sometimes be repaired by dismantling and straightening the fork tubes and triple trees. generally speaking, if the front wheel has been moved more than an inch or so from its original position, you will probably be better off replacing the tubes. If the surface of the tubes is pitted or if the chrome plating is cracked or flaking off to any degree at all, the tubes are junk and should be discarded.

If after replacing or straightening tubes, everything does not line up right, then you will probably have to have the trees straightened and aligned. We would have to have your parts here to determine if they can be repaired or not. If you live far away, you can send your front end or tubes here by UPS.



If your front end seems sloppy, chatters when you use the front brake, or still leaks fluid shortly after changing the fork seals, it may need be re-bushed. If you jack the front wheel up off the ground and grab the lower legs and pull back and forth, there should not be any play between the fork tubes and the lower legs. If there is, then you either need to have new bushings installed and sized, or you need to have new fork legs installed. We will be happy to do either for you. Triumph's and BSA's built before 1971 have replaceable bushings. 1971 up Triumph and BSA's do not. On those models you must replace the lower legs when excessive play is evident. Some Harley's have replaceable bushings, some do not. Early models that have the bushings pressed into the fork legs require more labor to install in size than later models. You may also want to consider replacing the fork springs at the same time. Please call or E-Mail for more information.





While this may seem like a step backwards to most, there are some real diehards out there, that LOVE the old jocky shift. If you are one of those and are having a hard time setting your bike up for handshift bring it in and we can do it for you. This is a pretty easy operation for most Harley Big Twins. It is also possible to do this on Sportsters and British bikes, but is a little more involved. One thing is for sure, you will be one of the few guys around that has a bike set up that way. Personally I like them like that.




If you're getting tired of dead batteries, dim lights, and pushing your bike because of a bad generator, let us rebuild it for you. We can repair almost any generator, British or American, but be forewarned, some Taiwan generators are not worth repairing. In fact most Taiwan generators are not worth taking, even if they are free. We have seen brand new Taiwan generators fail in a couple of days. We will not even sell Taiwan generators. The generators you see advertised for $89.95 are ALL Taiwan and NONE of the them are worth paying anything for.

Look between the electrical terminals on the generator, if it says "Harley-Davidson" or "Cycle Electric" it is a good generator and worth repairing. If it says ANYTHING ELSE at all throw it away. It is junk, and sooner or later will leave you stranded. We will only repair Harley Davidson or Cycle Electric generators. Nothing else is worth our time or your money.

We also repair Lucas generators for British motorcycles. They were not the best thing in the world either, but unfortunately, there is not much else to replace them with.





We stock heli-coil inserts for almost any application. Almost anywhere you have a stripped we can install a heli-coil. This is a very strong repair and in some instances, especially when dealing with aluminum, it can be stronger than the original thread that is being replaced. Heli-coils are commonly used to repair tappet block bolt holes, head bolt threads, Shovelhead exhaust bolt holes on Harley's, rocker box bolt holes, primary cover bolt holes on Triumphs, and in fact just about any threaded hole that is stripped can be repaired with a heli-coil. This is also usually a very economical way to repair stripped threads.




Line boring is a operation that can be critical to the life of you motor. Anytime a bushing or roller race is replaced it should be lined bored to ensure that the relating shaft runs true between centers. When you replace a bushing, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to install the new bushing exactly the same as the old bushing. This is where line boring comes in. For instances, if a new right side bearing race for the main shaft of a iron head XL transmission is installed, it must be lined bored, so that the new bushing is in true alignment to the bearing in the trap door on the other side of the transmission.. If this is not done, the mainshaft and the countershaft will not be in perfect alignment with each other. The out of alignment condition will also cause the mainshaft rollers to walk out of position and will cause them to have a very short life. This is just one of the many instances that shows how critical line boring can be.




One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your bike is when the threads that hold the spark plug into the head strip out. Here you have a perfectly good bike, with a perfectly good head and you can't ride it because of one dumb stripped thread. Don't despair, we can fix it. No matter what make or model, cast iron or aluminum head, we can fix it. It's usually just a simple heli-coil job, but even if you have had it heli-coiled before and the heli-coil has stripped out, we can still fix you up. We may have to weld the hole shut, then re-machine it, and run new threads in, but it still isn't a big deal. We do it all the time. P.S. if you learn to use a little Never-Seized on the threads of the spark plug and take your time when installing them, this won't happen. Also remember that it is just a spark plug, not a motor mount bolt, and it really doesn't need to be tightened to 85 ft lbs. Just tighten enough to crush the washer.




The next time your bike needs bottom end service, you might want to give some thought to letting us stroke it. The increased power of a stroker motor is UNBELIEVABLE. Done right, a stroker motor can be just a reliable as a stock motor, and a HELL of a lot more fun. The days of short motor life on high performance engines are long gone. Some of the S & S kits for big inch motors now offer the same kind of service life as a stock engine. If you really want some extra punch, add a set of big bore cylinders on top of a stroker kit and you'll fly. There are a ton of options when you go this route. Please call or E-Mail for more information.




If you are trying to find a way to make the ass end of your bike look a little different, consider a swingarm modification. We have done quite a few modifications to swingarms from simply moving the shock mounts to fabrication of a stretched swingarm with an integral fender. The most common modification is a simple stretch usually 3" to 4" in length. This will make the bike track better at high speed and gives you a little more wheel travel. If you think this is something that you would be interested, please call and we can discuss it.




We can modify any gas tank or oil tank as needed. Stretching Fatbob gas tanks is very popular right now, we can do this for you if you like. We also splice Fatbobs together. We modify oil tanks for chain clearance. We recess tank emblems and install tank emblem mounting hardware on tanks that never had tank emblems. We also repair leaks. We advise sealing of all tanks after any repair or modification. Call or E-Mail for more details.




We offer tire mounting and computerized spin balancing for any tire purchased through us. Tires are NOT all the same. If you buy your tires from some bozo that works out of his basement, then ask him to mount them. You will find out that he won't do it. You get what you pay for. Bargain priced tires are not a bargain if they get you killed. The guy that sells cheap tires will not mount them, because he knows that they are junk and he does not want the liability. If he won't mount them, we sure as hell won't either. We will mount our tires and only our tires. We will not sell seconds.




Rask Cycle offers expert transmission service for all makes and models of motorcycles. We have quite a bit of experience with all models of Harley-Davidson, Triumph, BSA and Norton transmission. It doesn't matter if your transmission is simply leaking or has been scattered in a million pieces, we can fix the problem and fix it right. We also perform all of the popular transmission modifications. some of these modifications include 5 speed kicker kits, 5 speed in 4 speed case, line boring 4 speed main drive gear race, line boring Ironhead XL Mainshaft race, Shift fork spacing, and many others for Harley, roller bearing conversion for Norton, 5 speed installation for Triumph, standard rebuilding for Triumph and BSA, plus much more. Please call or E-Mail us to discuss any transmission problem you may have.





We perform tune-ups on every make and model of motorcycle that has been manufactured. We have a dynamometer that allows us to precisely dial in carburation and timing for the best performance possible. A shop that is not equipped with a dynamometer is only GUESSING when it comes to tuning. While it is possible to tune a motorcycle without a dynamometer the results will not be the same. If you are willing to settle for less than perfect service, a standard factory type tune-up will probably suite your needs. But if you want perfection, let us tune your bike on our dynamometer. After all, your bike deserves the best. Doesn't it?




We have saved many heads with worn out guide holes from being scrapped. There are a couple different approaches to this type of repair. Every bike is different and we would have to see the head to decide what route to take. Sometimes it is just a matter of making up an oversize guide, installing it, and re-cutting the seat. However, that doesn't always work and sometimes we have to weld up the guide hole and re-machine it. No matter what, don't throw that bad head away without at least letting us look at it to see if it can be repaired.




Rask Cycle performs all types of welding on all types of metals. We perform aluminum case and side cover repair. We can weld intake and exhaust spigots on cast iron or aluminum heads. We repair gas tank leaks and replace broken or missing mounting tabs. We can restore missing brackets and tabs to altered frames. We install starter ring gears. We can take care of all of your motorcycle related welding requirements.

Welding types are:  MIG, TIG,  ARC-Welding, Gas welding and Braizing.




We rewire all makes and models of motorcycles. We custom wire modified motorcycles from the ground up. We also sell and install replacement wiring harnesses for all popular models of Harley-Davidson, Triumph, BSA, Norton. The Harley-Davidson harnesses are supplied in a original cloth covered type wire if the bike originally came equipped that way. If the bike originally came from the factory with a plastic covered wire type harness than that is how the replacement harness will be supplied. On most British bikes you can have your choice of cloth covered or plastic covered wire. We also custom make either type for any bike if so desired.
 Please call or
E-Mail for prices or more information.



Proper wheel alignment is very critical to the handling of your bike. ALL motorcycles should be occasionally checked for proper wheel alignment. It is rare to find a alignment problems on a shaft drive bike, but it can happen if something gets bent, so even shaft drive bikes should be checked once in a while. Chain drive or belt drive bikes can be thrown out of alignment anytime the chain or belt is adjusted. They should be checked for alignment EVERY TIME the rear wheel is adjusted.

One thing to avoid is offsetting the rear wheel so that the chain or belt will clear a larger size tire. If you do this to the bike it will not track right. You would be much further ahead to stick to the right size tire. We can check wheel alignment on any make or model.



We can solve any transmission case repair problem you have. We are able to weld cracks, line bore cases, re-machine gasket surfaces, repair bushing/bearings housings, etc. Whatever the problem, we can fix it. We will be happy to examine your transmission case for you and let you know if it is worth repairing. In some cases, (especially Big Twins) you may be further ahead to buy a new case. We also sell new cases. Some brands are very good others are not worth buying at any price.

We can repair stripped bolt holes by either welding and rethreading or by installing helicoils. This is a very common operation for Harley 4-speed cases.

We also repair Ironhead Sportster cases that have blown out at the counter shaft. This happens A LOT. We weld in a new repair section and line bore the cases. We can then rebuild and install the transmission if you wish.

Please call or E-Mail us to discuss any transmission case repair problems you may have.






Let us replace them with new stainless spokes and top quality chrome rims.

Prices vary for rims according to size and quality.

Current prices for 16" rims run between $62.00 and $189.95

Most stainless steel American Made spoke sets are $125.00 per set.

We charge $75.00 to lace and true most wheels (when using new rims and spokes) . It takes more time to true used parts and is usually not worth trying.
When you see a used rim for sale at a swap meet it is almost always there because somebody took it off when it got bent. You cannot tell anything until it is laced up and you try to true it.
If you want us to lace and true a used rim, we charge by the hour and you still have to pay if it cannot be trued.
We don't recommend buying used bare rims at all. If you are buying a used wheel, check it for trueness first.




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