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We have built many custom motorcycles for many people. Some of our bikes have appeared in the Horse magazine.    We can build any year, make or model motorcycle from start to finish, stock to custom, mild to wild, or anywhere in between. We can do the hard stuff and you can finish it yourself or we can build the whole thing to your specs if you so desire.

If you want the nostalgic looks of a rigid frame panhead, with modern reliability, we can set you up with the best frame on the market, match it up to the powerplant of your choice, and either sell you the rest of the pieces (new or used) or put it all together for you.  The number of choices available is staggering. Chopper frames, soft tail frames, forty five solo frames, EVO, Shovelhead, Panhead motors, 4, 5, & 6 speed trannys are all available.

If your taste is in British motorcycles, we have a lot of experience in that area also. We can build anything you can think of. We always have a good supply of Triumph and BSA parts, just waiting to be assembled into somebody's dream machine. Please contact us and let us help you get the bike you have always dreamed about.

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