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Rask Cycle performs cylinder re-sleeving on all makes and models of motorcycles. This operation basically consists of removing the old sleeve, installing a new sleeve, then boring the cylinder to fit the piston. While it sounds easy, this operation must be done with a great degree of accuracy or the results can be disastrous.

When done properly a re-sleeved cylinder is just as good as a new one from the factory. If you are dealing with a Harley Davidson twin, any year or model, a re-sleeved original cylinder is ALWAYS better than a Taiwan replacement cylinder, no matter what the cost. If you have an 80" (1340cc) Shovelhead, it is not a good idea to try to fit oversize pistons to stock HD cylinders. Some factory HD 80" Shovel cylinders had a casting problem that liked to show up after the cylinders had been bored and fitted with oversize pistons. This problem can be eliminated with the installation of new sleeves.

Cylinder re-sleeving can be an excellent alternative, especially when it comes to antiques. Almost any cylinder can be re-sleeved, and this may save a lot of time and money, if the need for an obsolete, hard to find cylinder arises.

Cylinder sleeving is used quite often on dirt bikes of both two stroke and four stroke type. Replacement cylinders for Japanese bikes are often VERY expensive, and re-sleeving them is often an economical alternative. Please call or email if you would like us to perform this operation for you.




All cylinders that are bored at Rask Cycle are finished-honed to size. This is an important step that ensures proper piston fit. Please do not confuse this with deglazing. The $25.00, three-stone, spring loaded hone that you buy in the auto store is used for deglazing the cylinder walls, NOT for re-sizing.

I have seen people RUIN their cylinders by attempting to size them with a deglazing hone. A good straight bore with the proper cross-hatch pattern, and the proper piston to wall clearances is a MUST for good sealing and ring life. Don't take any chances, let us do it right the first time.



We have quite a bit of experience at cylinder head repair. Whether your problem is stripped holes, worn valve seats, bad guides, broken fins, or any other of the number of things that can go wrong with a motorcycle cylinder head, we can help you.

Some of these problems can be estimated over the phone and some can not. If it is a common problem that we run into all the time, such as bad valve seats, we probably can estimate the cost over the phone or E-Mail. If it is a unique problem on an antique head such as a stuck lock ring on a Vincent head or something of that nature, we can repair it, but it would be impossible to estimate.

While most heads can be repaired, sometimes it is cheaper to buy another one, if one is available. Once we see your head, we can usually tell if it should be repaired or replaced. Also check our online used parts list for heads. If you don't see what you need, give us a call or E-Mail us, we have a lot more inventory than what is listed.

last updated: 02/26/16
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