Step 1
Quantity of 1 by default.. If you want more than one,  point your mouse in at the  1 to change whatever quantity you want.  (2, 3, etc)
Step 2
You will see this if there are different sizes for an item.
Click down arrow to select  size you want to order.  (Jacket, gloves etc., that would have sizes to choose from)
Step 3
When you see a product you want to purchase click this button.
It will then give you the following option .
Step 4


Click OK purchases items you have selected.

Lets you continue shopping.
 Items that you have  selected will stay in your shopping  to allow you to continue shopping
Step 5
Item Descrip Quantity Each Total
(order #) name of item)   price ea total of this item.
                                  Sub Total  $
When you click OK .. is the start of your form to fill out.. it will show you everything that you have purchased.
Step 6 Sales tax:=6%
Check here if your a pa resident
will see  an option box. Click only if you are a Pa resident.
Step 7 Change this only if you are in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii

We will no longer ship to  International  countries. Except Canada...
Step 8

Choose a payment method.
You will have 4 payment options:
1) Credit card.  (see step 14) (us and Canada only)

2) Pay Pal
You must be a member of Pay Pal in order to use this feature.

3) Credit Card transaction via telephone.
we will receive your order. but you will need to call us with your charge card information, saves you the time of calling in an order)
4) Check or money order.
(you  can send us a check or money order for the amount shown on the invoice. We will send your order out as soon as we receive your money order, but, please understand if you send us a check, we have to hold your order for about a week for the the check to clear.)
Step 9

Purchase for  $ (Tells you how much you have purchased.
 (will let you continue)

Empty Entire cart  (will remove all items selected )

Continue Shopping (will return you to the home page)
Step 10
Complete this form with your name, address, etc.. 
Use your tab key or mouse to go to the next field.
if you hit enter, it will take you to the next page.
Step 11 Billing Address:
Right after the E-Mail address, there will be a button that says  (Billing Address:)
If your billing address is the same as the above click this button.. automatically completes the bottom form.
The billing address is designed for charge card users. if your address is different than where you want your merchandise sent.  
Step 12 Click this button to continue your purchase. 
You MUST click this for 
us to receive your orde
Step 13 Click  OK
This means  that you are now entering a secure server.
In other words, all information you submit is secure and no one can 
see it or have access to it..

Step 14 Fill this out if you are paying with a charge card.
(Please remember to select which charge card you are using or you will get an error)
CC Type Visa
American Express
Novus (Discover)
Credit Card #
Exp. month   yr
Your  name/address etc. will appear.  showing your

You will need to select your charge card type and key in cc number  
Step 15 At the bottom you will see this button.  CLICK TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER.
You will then see your completed invoice.. Print for your records.
please note: for the selection on MAIL IN. this means your order will not be sent until we receive your check or money order.
We DO NOT send C.O.D.. 

If  you Print this page , instructions will be easier to follow...
(To print this page.. Go to
File at the top of your browser.. Click Print

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