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Year Model Engine Oil Trans oil Primary oil Fork
    Type  Amt Type Amt Type Amt Each tube
1965-70 M50/M65 2-stroke **** 2-stroke 1 pint ***** **** 2-1/2 oz.(wet)
3 oz  (dry)
1965-69 M/MSR/MLS/ML 125 2-stroke **** 2-stroke 1 pint *** *** 3-3/4 oz. (wet)
4-1/4 oz (dry)
1970 M/MSR/MLS/ML 90/100/125 2-stroke *** 2-stroke 1 pint **** **** 4-1/2 oz (wet)
4-3/4 oz (dry)
1964-69 C/H250/350 40wt or 20/50 2 qts         4-1/2 oz (wet)
4-3/4 oz (dry)
1970-74 350 40wt or 20/50 2.1 qts         4-1/2 oz (wet)
4-3/4 oz  (dry)
1957-67 XL/XLCH/XLH 60W 3 qts 20/50 W 1-1/2 pints ***** ****** 3-1/2 oz (wet)
4-1/2 oz (dry)
1968-69 XL/XLH/XLCH 60W 3 qts 20/50 W 1-1/2 pints ****** ****** 4-1/2 oz (wet)
5-1/2 oz (dry)
1970-72 XL/XLCH/XLH 60W 3 qts 20/50 W 1-1/2 pints ******* ****** 5-1/2 oz (wet)
6-1/2 oz (dry)
1973- XL/XLH/XLCH 60W 3 qts 20/W 1-1/2 pints ******* ****** 5 oz  (wet)
6 oz  (dry)
Do NOT use car oil in your motorcycle.. You will NOT save money by putting automotive oil in your motorcycle.. While many people  have done just that for many years, it is crazy to do it today.. Research has enabled the oil companies to develop motorcycle oils (Spectro, Belray, Kendall etc) that last 2500 to 3000 miles or more in a motorcycle engine. If you use automotive oil in your motorcycle the polymers in that type of oil will be broken down within 800-900 miles..

Automotive oils are NOT designed for use in air-cooled engines.. If you insist on using an automotive type oil in your motorcycle, you may loosen up debris in the sludge trap that debris may ruin the rod bearing when it starts circulating through the oiling system.

Although, you won't notice the difference right away,  Running worn-out oil will lead to earlier deterioration of vital engine components. The money you think you are saving on cheap oil will end up being spent, plus some on engine service and replacement parts.

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